Oil industry GOST TU
Oil industry API
Premium conections
M Metric
Ф Plain
D C-shape
Скобы регулируемые
G Tube
Tr Трапецеидальные
K Конические
R Конические
W Вентильная
NPT Трубная коническая
S Упорная
BSF, BSW Дюймовая
Carbide Ceramic
Setting ring
Rd Круглая
E Electric
Шлицевые прямобочные, эвольвентные
KM Morse
By drawings


Dear colleagues!
Production Company "Premium" specializes in manufacturing thread gauges for control of various connections TM "PremiuM", thereby providing the proxy authentication and warranty on products supplied.
Our company is an authorized dealer of a manufacturer of thread gauges OCTG, certified under the international standard of API (American Petroleum Institute-American Petroleum Institute): Spec 5B (NC, FH, REG, IF), Spec 7-2 (TBG, UP TBG, CSG, BCSG, LP), Spec 11B, Spec 11AX, etc. We supply API certified gauges with official certifications (in English, with possible translation into Russian) and with tracking to regional master gauges.

We supply measuring tools made by Gagemaker, Allen Gauges and alternative manufacturers.

Types of manufactured gauges for tolerance control of plain, conical and threaded connections:
Engineering industry: Plain, M, MR, MJ, MK conical, cylindrical tube G, trapezoidal Tr, multiple-Tr, Rc, Rd, K, R, W, buttress S, electric E, Morze, American UNS (UN , UNF, UNEF, UNC), British BSW / BSF, ACME / Stub ACME, NPT / NPTF, ANPT, ocular thread OK, bracket gauges for shafts (limit one-sided and two-sided), smooth gauges for lengths, spline gauges, rings up to 0.5 microns, setting rings, carbide gauges, ceramic gauges, sapphire gauges, measuring wires, clips, etc.
Oil industry (API): (Spec 5B, 7-2, 11B, 11AX), Buttress BCSG, LP, UP TBG, TBG, CSG, LCSG, PAC, AMMT, BECO, VamTop, WSP, LTC, etc. (international standard certifications)
Oil industry (russian GOST, TU): RE, PP, R n / a, D n / a, SHN, Obs, OTTM, OGTT, MC, SEN, CCM, etc.
Production: Russia, USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany, China, India, Japan.

Gauges are characterized as a means of tolerance control of cylindrical and conical threaded connections, bores, shafts, splined connections.
We supply certified gauges with International certification API, ISO, DIN as well as the certification of the Russian Federation in accordance with GOST (calibration).
We develop sets of drawings for gauges from drawings of connections as well as manufacture gauges from drawings.
We perform periodic calibration in the presence of (order of) control gauges, as well as in certified laboratories of the Russian Federation, depending on the type of caliber.
Delivery time is 10-60 days, storage available, best prices.
Gauges are subject to 100% output control with measurements mapping and data archiving for 2 years. Gauges are individually numbered with the batch code and production date.

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